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Rita Oom ~ Psychic Reader and Clairvoyant

Rita Oom

Psychic Reader and Clairvoyant

Rita Oom's career stands as a shining example of an American success story. From her humble beginnings born in Glasgow, Scotland, the oldest of three brothers, and one sister. Rita has taken her natural talent and achieved world wide recognition in the entertainment business. At age 10, Rita started giving predictions, her amazing abilities on accuracy stunned many people. Rita traveled from Canada and went on tour throughout the United States teaching people the laws of metaphysics allowing them to understand themselves. She took a break as a "seasoned performer" to join the United States Air Force, where she received an honorable discharge. Graduated from Antelope Valley College, California.

Rita Oom is a psychic who cares about you as she has stated in many of her lectures, "according to mythology psychic means love and hope." Only through persistence and dedication to her work has Oom achieved such longevity in helping people, and remains an entertainer. She never forgets who has helped her.


Rita still continues her travel on cruise ships giving lectures, readings, and personal appearances on television, Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens, private parties, and major hotels, CA., DC., NY., Ohio, VA., Chicago, TX., MD., anywhere she can to help people. Leisure time is spent writing detective novels, two of her favorite are "Donít Let Them Win" and "Death Has No Time," Rita says, "if you have love in your heart, you can accomplish anything."

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